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Authentic Job Experiences at Carousel Connections

The curriculum of Carousel Connections provides intensive vocational training that supports individuals in becoming more fully integrated and involved in the community.  Employment preparation objectives include the ability to ask/answer questions using appropriate language, complete tasks using verbal and visual prompts or a check-list format, identify the appropriate person to ask for assistance with a work task and request support when necessary, manage time and materials needed for a task, fill out appropriate applications and work related forms, adhere to a daily schedule/calendar, and to develop the “soft skills” of employment.

Vocational training is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. Participants are paired with appropriate peers and a job coach during the week day.  Job placements are made according to work history, job interest/talents, and capabilities. For those individuals who have not participated in previous vocational training, opportunities are offered to engage in career exploration. Job coaches work closely and collaborate with campus departments to ensure success for each participant.

Details of work in each department:

Work in the Coop/cafe involves helping to prepare pizza and other food items (bacon, French fries, etc.), wiping the tables and sweeping, restocking food items, and greeting customers.  It is a great place to get to know the campus summer staff as they come for coffee, a quick sandwich, and a friendly hello!  The work group that works at the Coop also has additional food "prep" work in the kitchen so that they can practice reading a recipe, measuring, working with a stove top and oven, using kitchen equipment, and cooking/baking for the apartment. 

The individuals working on Facilities work at Magill Library and are intrigued by their work -- it is amazing to see how old many of the books in the library are as the "stacks" are dusted and organized.  We also take small breaks to visit the Special Collections section of the library.  Very interesting!  Work also includes assisting at the Fitness Center and Whitehead Campus Center.

There are several other summer camps that reside on campus with us during the summer.  This makes the Dining Hall a busy area!  In the Dining Hall, participants assist after breakfast by wiping tables, sweeping, organizing supplies, and assisting the Dining Hall staff.  The noon lunch rush is busy and our work is definitely seen once all of the children go back to their activities!  We need to take a "before" and "after" picture of the tables!  You will be impressed!

Our Grounds crew is enjoying the sunny days on the Haverford Arboretum.  Work involves patrol of the the campus for litter and debris, watering the plant containers, sweeping the main patios, and helping to make the campus look beautiful!  They are doing a great job!

Many of our participants love working with children.  Working at Friends School Haverford and Serendipity Day Camp provides opportunities to show their talents.  Participants engage in play, assist at lunch time, and help to make the day full of smiles!

We have several small "businesses" that are growing out of our apartment. These include Carousel Blooms, Carousel Confections, and a Campus Film Night. Our Friday flower sale brings more cheer to campus with our colorful bouquets.  Carousel Confections involves baking dog biscuits to bring to local pet shelters.  Our Campus Film Night provides weekly entertainment for other students living in the apartment buildings with an outdoor film showing.  Each of these business opportunities allows us to work on our executive function skills and get to know the college community.

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