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Carousel Connections 2014

We are eager to begin another summer season at Carousel Connections. This blog provides information about our daily program and curriculum, as well as snapshots into apartment living at Carousel Connections.  At Carousel Connections, we establish routines that are transferable and can be generalized into many settings.  Returning participants can anticipate that the apartment will look similar to “as they left it” last August (with additional games and new organizational tools!). 

 Our routines will remain consistent.  For example, participants will remember that we host Group Planning Meetings on Sunday, we wait for everybody to finish the meal before leaving the table and cleaning up, we participate in daily chores and weekly errands to help the apartment run smoothly, we enjoy local community basketball games, we use similar language to “check” ourselves when boarding public transportation, we have fun activities planned for each evening and weekend, and we will visit with Haverford College departments to greet our supervisors and old friends! This consistency provides a framework for continued growth and independence.

As individuals, we also seek creative change.  Below are a few “new” highlights to look forward to this summer:

  • Last year, our Carousel chefs baked biscuits for a local pet shelter.  These Carousel Confections were greatly appreciated!  This summer, we will donate to additional service organizations and tail-wagging friends on campus.
  • We are excited to create several new “small businesses” on campus.  A small group of Carousel entrepreneurs will brainstorm ideas and plan “next steps.”  Business ideas include a student “movie night” on the lawn (with concessions, of course!) and Friday flower sale. These business opportunities will provide authentic planning experiences that include executive function skills such as organizing details to an event, managing a budget, preparing materials, networking with community members, and problem solving. We look forward to our continued interactions with the Haverford College community!
  • Our upstairs apartments are underway! Each apartment has a small kitchen, a living area, one to two bedrooms, and a bathroom. Individuals who are ready for the “next step” of living will reside within one of these quarters with a roommate of similar independence.  Staff members will be living on this floor, however roommates live in the apartment space independently. Participants “matched” to live upstairs will engage in all program and social/leisure activities while also cooking daily meals with a mentor.
  • Our beautiful vegetable garden is ready to bloom again!  We look forward to planting new vegetables to include in our healthy recipes. 

 Stay tuned for more details soon!


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