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Is there anything else you need?

Each morning, our Carousel residents join for breakfast and prepare their meals and bag lunches for work independently.  We discuss the importance of doing things "all by yourself" and how to ask for appropriate levels of help.  We continue to encourage the balance of asking for help. Our house rule is that you have to try and do something on your own first, you ask a friend second.  If this does not work, you then can ask Amy or a partner (staff).  

Initially, early risers would gather their breakfast items and sit down at the table to then discover that they forgot a fork or knife.  An immediate response is, "I need a fork." My response, "Hmmmm, where can you find a fork." If further prompting was needed, I point in the direction of the silverware. We now ask breakfast eaters (and participants at other times of day) what else they may need before they begin the task.  "Surveying the scene" and organizing materials before beginning a process is key!  We say, "Once the stage is set, you are ready to perform."

In the second week into our session, if a participant responds with "I need a fork," my response is "Hmmm." I wait (this is key -- no words are used in the exchange) and independence grows!

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