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Living in a community

It has been amazing to see each participant acclimate to living in the apartment setting and living together in a CC "family." 

Within our apartment community, we take time to discuss how to respect one another and share in our daily routines.  Each morning, residents check our House Responsibility list to find out what chores need to be done. Responsibilities include walking the dog, taking out the trash, cleaning, food shopping or other community errands, watering the plants on the patio, and preparing/hosting dinner -- all authentic tasks that are required for living in our shared space.   If we are in need of supplies (food, stamps, coins for laundry), lists are created that can be taken to the store for purchase.  

We also eat our dinner meals "family style."  Each table has a platter of food that is shared.  Residents learn how to take an appropriate sized portion, pass food to a friend, and serve.  We discuss table "etiquette" that includes waiting for everybody to be served before eating (and remaining at the table through the full dinner), how to engage in conversation, what to say if you need more food, etc. 

During Class, we practice acting as good hosts when guests arrive at our apartment door.  We have fabulous Carousel Connections ambassadors!  Hosting may involve answering the door in a friendly (but appropriate) manner, giving a tour of our space, and opening the invitation to meals or activities, if it feels fitting.  Residents review a tour list that help them be sure to cover all of their bases. Guests always feel the warmth in the air when they arrive to 22 Hannum Drive!

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