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"On the ball!"

Think about the many phrases that you use that have non-literal meanings. In working with individuals on the spectrum, this can be quite confusing! Conversation is filled with figurative language and idioms that "just don't make sense."  At Carousel Connections, we discuss the meaning of many idioms during both informal and formal instruction.  

During conversations and meetings, we intentionally use idioms for modeling purposes and practice.  For example, while gathering laundry today, I suggested that a participant show her friend "the ropes" by helping her with the process.  She responded, "We're not going climbing."  This provided an opportunity for me to clarify the phrase.  When complimenting a participant, I say, "You are on the ball!  Keep up the good work!"  I may also use an idiom during a "think aloud" process in a meeting.  Each morning, participants are greeted with an idiom of the day.  A resident writes the definition and draws a picture of the idiom on display.  

Even though idioms are a "dime a dozen," Carousel Connections participants will have lots of practice responding to them!


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