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Each day, we encounter new experiences and adventures.  Even if the experience is "routine," there are always slight variations.  This is what makes life fun and interesting! In order to prepare for these experiences and continue to enhance our executive function skills, we use intentional preview and review practices.  Participants will often hear me express, "I love a plan!" What does this look like in our daily routines?

  • Carousel residents join for daily chores and errands within the community.  A small group is always off to the food store, the post office, shopping for toiletries, etc.  When driving to the local Acme or Trader's Joes, I will ask questions such as, "When we get to the store, who plans on pushing the food cart?" or "Who can you ask for help if you are looking for an item on your shopping list and can't find it?" or "Do you remember what is different about the bagging system at Trader Joe's?" After our shopping trip, we discuss what went well, things that we want to remember for our next trip, and "tid bits" of information.  
  • Prior to traveling into the city by train, we hold a group planning meeting to discuss the train schedule, our trip plans, and answer questions.  We role play situations (where to stand on the platform, how to safely gather money from a wallet and put change back in a tidy manner, etc.) and walk through the day in a step-by-step process.  This helps to relieve any potential anxiety related to traveling and provides the scaffolding for a successful and fun trip for all! Following our last trip, the dinner conversation starter related to the trip happenings as we shared with friends about the events. 
  • Each evening, two to three residents "host" dinner served family style.  Before beginning the cooking process, I place all necessary food items on the tray and we have a small planning meeting. The chefs for the evening review the steps for the meal and write them on the board.  We then discuss who will be responsible for each step and are off to cook!  As the chefs prepare the meal, they use the planning checklist to think about what needs to happen "next" and divide the tasks.  As hosts, they then review the recipe with the group prior to eating the delicious main and side dishes.  

Looking forward to what is happening tomorrow? Ask a Carousel resident what the plans are . . . they are ready to share!

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