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Settling in . . . 

We are off to a terrific start!  Each participant is learning new routines and getting to know friends.  What a wonderful thing to see that our returning participants feel "right at home" and are able to show new pals "the ropes."  Don't forget that we continue to teach how to figure out figurative language and idioms!

Routines are embedded within our program that provide a daily living structure and comfortable setting.  In the first few days of each sessions, we learn:

  • An early morning routine (waking up, preparing for the day with clothes that are chosen the evening before, joining for breakfast, making lunch, "checking our list" to be sure that we have everything we need), 
  • A work routine (greeting your supervisor and other works in the department, reviewing the task list for the day, getting started, taking a "fifteen," etc),
  • An afternoon routine within our Cycles program (exercise, leisure, chores and errands, learning in class),
  • A dinner routine (learning about the meal, sharing the bowls of food "family style," waiting for other friends to finish eating before leaving the table, helping to clean up),
  • And a bedtime routine (taking care of personal care, preparing for the next day, closing window blinds, etc.).

We anticipate that these routines create a healthy living style and can be transferred and generalized into any another living setting.  The role of the family is to help create positive patterns when participants return home. They can't wait to "show off" their learning!

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