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Support Coordination Agencies

Supports coordiantion is a division funded service that supports individuals in gaining access to needed programs and tate plan services, as well as needed medical, social, educational, and other services. Individuals can either select or be assigned a Support Coordination Agency (SCA) and Supports Coordinator to work with an individual and his/her family to ensure completion of the Person Centered Planning Tool (PCPT) and to develop the Individualized Serivce Plan (ISP).

The Arc Alliance Advocacy Services -- We value the team relationship and provide a variety of services to our members throughout all stages of their lives. It is our mission to ensure that protections are created and upheld to fully promote inclusive, supportive communities. We strive to ensure that our individuals have supportive relationships with their Supports Coordinators by limiting caseload size and providing them with the tools they need to allow for more individualized attention and accessibility. We promote self-advocacy and continue to seek creative, supportive programs. Contact: Jill Zielinski or (610) 265-4700

The Consortium, Inc. -- We inspire hope and offer choice in identifying resources and providers. Facilitate ongoing assessment of each individual’s needs encouraging quality lives and fulfilling life’s dreams. Contact:  Princess G. Otigbu or (215) 472-1707

Empowering People in the Community (EPIC) -- Epic’s mission is to provide quality services that empower people to live full and meaningful lives in the community. We are an organization committed to operate within the boundaries of integrity and ethics. We exist to provide guidance, encouragement, and inspiration to a segment of the population often overlooked and forgotten. We understand and celebrate the diversity of talent and the strength, determination, and optimism our community. Contact: Delano Williams or (215) 452-0300

Lenape Valley Foundation Lenape Valley Foundation (LVF) has been providing Supports Coordination services for over 37 years and the Foundation itself has been in Bucks County for over 50 years. We are a non-profit organization and serve over 630 people with Intellectual Disabilities who live and work in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. We believe in assisting each individual in pursuing their goals, dreams, and aspirations to have an “Everyday Life.” Contact: Mary Jane Fletcher or (215) 345-5300

The Partnership for Community Supports – The Organization was established in 2004 to provide Supports Coordination and we now support over 1800 individuals requesting our services in six different counties. Our mission is to “provide quality Supports Coordination assuring that individuals and their families have choice and control so they can lead a full and rich life in their community. Contact: Carol Frangicetto or (267) 350-4500

People First -- We locate, coordinate and monitor services to best support you in achieving your hopes, dreams, and health and safety needs. People First follows team process and works together with families and service providers to best support you. People First staff is knowledgeable of resources and service systems throughout Chester and Montgomery Counties. We have a deep appreciation for the individual’s needs, desires, choice, control, and self-determination; as a private organization our first loyalty is to you. Contact: Roni VanDDagna or (484)363-3833

Penn Foundation -- By providing compassionate, responsive, and innovative care, we help individuals and families grow, develop, and recover to their fullest mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions regarding your care or the care of your loved one by providing the necessary knowledge and resources. We will coordinate and monitor services for children, adolescents, and adults. Contact: Deborah Stevenson or (215)257-6551

Penndel Mental Health Center -- Our SCO has positive, long-standing relationships with many of the providers serving residents of Montgomery County and we are prepared to ensure that staff are familiar with other service systems in that area. We maintain reasonable caseload ratios (averaging 1:38) to promote effective personalized attention and response to individuals, families and other team members; it is our intention to hire sufficient Supports Coordinators to continue this practice. Contact: Jan Noe or (215) 750-9898 ext. 1267

Spectra Services -- Spectra Support Services is an agency that provides: autism services, counseling to individuals, groups and families, and disability services to individuals and their families in their homes and at our Broomall, PA location. Spectra Support Services follows the person-centered guidelines outlined in Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Office of Developmental Programs' Everyday Lives: A Framework for ISP Planning.  These values assure that individuals meet their potential and that their passion for creating "everyday lives" becomes a reality. See or contact Maleita at or (484) 450-6476

Quality Progressions -- Quality Progressions opened its doors in July of 2004. It currently supports 2800 consumers registered in Pennsylvania. Contact Joel Goldberg at or (267)765-2000


Advocacy and Resources

There are many resources in the Philadelphia area. The organizations listed below are just a “start”  . . .


ASCEND, (610)449-6776, – Provides support, advocacy, and information

Autism Cares Foundation, (215) 559-CARE, – Provides support directly to families of children with Autism

Families CCAN (Creating Communities for Adults with Special Needs) (215 280-2758), -- Nonprofit group led by pareents and family members of adults with disabilities. Assists families in developing innovative models of housing, empoloyment and volunteer activities for their family members. Through education, access to expertise and resources, networking, advocacy, and partnerships with agencies and other organizations, we aim to create caring communities. The group meets monthly thrhough the year for educational programs and networking opportunities.

Friendship Circle, -- Connecting teens and young adults to youth and their families with a full range of social offerings. Mission to cultivate understanding, kindness, responsibility, and inclusive community.

Kinney Center, Missino to educate and train autism professionals of tomorrow while supporting and serving the individuals and families affected by autism today.

Networks for Training and Development, (610) 935-6624 – Promotes inclusive communities through quality training, consultation and practice

New Avenue Foundation, 610 328-3824, -- The mission is to create more meaningful lives for people with disabilities and autism and to reduce dependence on the government programs that support individuals Focus on community inclusion.

New Horizons Social Club, -- Offers facilitated opportunities for adults to socialize, connect with their communities and work toward independent living.

Parents Exchange, (610) 962-0337, http// – Information, referral and advocacy service for parents and caregivers of children with special needs

Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania, (888) 727-2706, – Statewide system to assist families of children with special needs 

Sharing and Caring of Bucks County, (215) 321-3202, – Parent,children, sibling support, and families of adults for autism spectrum disorders, mental retardation, and related disorders

Vision for Equality, (215) 923-3349, – Advocates and helps provide resources for people with disabilities


Organizations/Agencies Related to Housing and Vocational Training

Listed below are a few organizations that serve families in the area. Again, these are just a “start” . . .


Autism Living and Working, 

Carousel Connections, (215) 948-2527, -- Supportive summer residential training program on the campus of Haverford College; focus on building skills related to independence (jobs, daily rhythms of apartment living, community experiences) in an authentic, foundational experience. Individual develop valued social roles and build relationships with peers, while building self-determination skills.

Commuity Integrated Supports, 215 238-7411, -- Mission is to empower people with disabilities through indvidualized employment opportunities that foster self-sustainability, equality, and community. Through partnerships with area businesses and organizations, CIS workds to find jobs that fulfill the employment goals and desires for the people served.

JCHAI, (610) 667-7875, -- Provides people with special needs housing options, the opportunity to work, and the chance to become part of a vibrant community. 

JEVS Human Services, (267) 350-8600,

 – Helps employability and self sufficiency through education, training, health and rehabilitation programs

SPIN, (844) SPIN CAN, -- Organization that provides housing and vocational services, with an aim to develop a culture of inclusion and hope

Philadelphia Independence Network, (484) 278-4812,

 – Network that helps to organize socialization activities, vocational assessment, job coaching, and supplemental skills training for young adults that can live independently

Melmark Programs and Services, (610) 353-1726 – Provider of residential, educational, vocational and therapeutic services that promote independence, increased self awareness, and confidence



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