• What should I bring to Carousel Connections?

    While attending Carousel Connections, you will be living in an apartment space. Please bring the following with your name clearly marked on each item:

    • One week's worth of summer clothes (shorts, t-shirts, sneakers, two pairs of jeans, underwear, socks, a hat, sweatshirt, rain jacket, sleepwear)
    • Work attire (this will depend on your work position for each session)
    • Toiletries (shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, hairbrush, other bathroom necessities)
    • Two towels for showering
    • A bathing suit and swim towel
    • A small backpack or gym bag
    • A set of sheets, a pillow, a blanket
    • A laundry bag/basket
    • A watch to wear to work
    • A few photographs of your family and friends and posters for your bedroom
    • A wallet (expenses will be paid for by the group, however you may bring small amount of money for souvenirs)
    • Your favorite game to teach your friends how to play
  • What will we do each week day?

    You will begin the day by waking up, getting dressed, and enjoying breakfast with your friends. At 9 am, you will begin your travels to your campus job with a partner and coach. You will be busy at your job until lunch. Your job may involve gardening, helping in the dining hall, assisting in the offices, working with maintenance staff, or helping in the mail room.

    You will join your friends for a picnic lunch and friendly conversation. At 1 pm, you will return to your job. Once you have completed your job for the day, you will return to the apartment. In the afternoon, you will check your schedule and begin our Cycles routine (Class, Exercise, Leisure/Recreation, Household Chores/Errands).

    Dinner will be served at 6 pm. You and your friends will help to make delicious meals! After dinner, activity options include taking a hike on the Haverford Nature Trail around the Duck Pond, engaging in planned activities by the group, an evening swim, walking to the nearby stores/icecream stand, watching a basketball game, and playing games in the apartment.

  • What about the weekends?

    Did you know that our apartment is just a twenty minute train ride from Philadelphia? Each session offers different Saturday and Sunday events.   Weekend activities may include hiking and boating in beautiful parks,  visiting historic sites in Philadelphia, attending a film at the movie theatre, shopping, visiting the food stands in Reading Terminal Market,  bowling, attending a baseball game, and barbecuing at the apartment. We have lots of adventures!

    Living in an apartment takes work! On Sunday, you will check your errand schedule and see how you can help in the apartment. We will then enjoy swimming and sports activities on campus and in Ardmore. You will also be able to choose other leisure activities with friends.

  • What will we eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

    We all help to plan the meal menu for the week. Breakfast consists of cereal, pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, bagels, yogurt and fruit. We will eat a picnic lunch during the weekdays that will consist of a healthy sandwich choice, fruit, chips or pretzels, a healthy dessert, and a bottle of water. Dinner menus may include spaghetti and meatballs, barbecue foods (hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, cole slaw), homemade pizza, ravioli, quesadilla and rice, pasta with your choice of sauce, and other favorites. Each meal will be served with a salad and, of course, dessert!

    We will enjoy several meals in restaurants during each summer session. We are also within walking distance to favorite ice cream stores -- mmmmmm!

  • What will I do if I am lonely?

    You will share a room with a friend. You and your roommate will get to know one another very well and will enjoy playing games, chatting, and sharing in summer fun!

    You will also be able to call your family when it works best for you and them. Some families may also want to make a short visit or meet you mid-week for a trip to a restaurant near campus.

  • What does the Haverford College campus look like?

    We live in apartments on the campus of Haverford College. There are college and high school students who are living in other apartments near us.

    The campus is beautiful! There are lots of green spaces, a track for walking laps, a great gym to play basketball in, a Duck Pond to sit near and feed the ducks, a beautiful Nature Trail, lots of tall trees, and many stone buildings. Some of the buildings on campus are the Dining Center, Campus Center (college store, offices, mail room), Arboretum (greenhouse), and classroom buildings. We take many walks on the campus so that you get to know where everything is. You also meet many friendly community members during your summer stay.

  • What errands and chores will I need to do to help in the apartment?

    A chore or errand schedule will list what your apartment job is for the day. Chores include food, shopping, laundry, “tidying up” the apartment (vacuuming, cleaning, dusting, taking out the garbage), meal preparation, walking the dog (if this is a preference), watering the flowers, and clean-up.

    It is exciting to have a room in the apartment with a friend! Each morning, you will need to make your bed and tidy your room before heading outside for the day. 

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