Independent Living Skills

The importance of further developing independence remains a crucial element to the Carousel Connections' curriculum.  Self care objectives vary according to individual needs, however the ultimate goal of independence remains at the forefront. 

Self care goals include maintaining appropriate hygiene, laundry, choosing dress according to occasion, exercising to stay fit, identifying needs, and sharing feelings with others.  Goals may also relate to living within a household and working within a budget, pacing/scheduling of errands and leisure time, and identifying resources of help when necessary.  

Upon his return to the household, one participant's family shared, "Brendan was more independent in dressing/hygiene activities.  When we went on vacation (a different environment than home), he independently started helping with food prep and laundry."  

Another family shared, "Alex was eager to share with us what she did at Haverford -- working in the library, making breakfast, working in the gym. As time went on, more and more would come out. For example, when her mom said she was going to take Alex's clothes out of the dryer, Alex said, 'I can do that... I did that at Haverford.' We have many such examples."  

When an individual who transitioned to an independent living experience was asked what the most challenging aspect of this type of living on her own was, her response was, "Cooking!"  At Carousel Connections, the kitchen is used to provide social experience, as well as offer ample experience working in the kitchen. Cooking oriented goals include: planning and assisting in purchasing nutritious meals and snacks, assisting in meal and weekly menu preparation, storing food in appropriate places for cooking and eating, effectively and safely using utensils and appliances, setting the table for meals, washing and drying dishes. Individuals work with partners and staff members to plan and shop for meals. Discussions surrounding healthy and well-balanced menus, meal preparations, cleaning/organizing, food shopping, and working together in the kitchen take place throughout the duration of the program.

Living in the apartment setting requires initiation, planning, and problem solving.  Instruction is given on how to care for the home (keeping things "tidy" and cleaning), use home equipment appropriately, follow a schedule for general housekeeping, and organize both private and shared spaces,  

Modeling, scaffolding, and direct instruction are offered to assist participants with individual goals associated with independent living.   

Building Independence in the Home, on the Job, and on the Go!
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