Partner Time

At Carousel Connections, we create meaningful partnerships both in and out of our community.  We create partnerships with the Haverford College community while working in the departments, using the Fitness Center, exploring campus, selling flowers, planning movie nights, etc.  We create partnerships with the Ardmore community by shopping in the same stores with frequency, cheering from the bleachers for the local basketball teams, hosting community events, working, and traveling.  We create partnerships between families who are seeking housing and eager to share resources.

Each day, we have two specific time periods (prior to leaving for work and each afternoon) when our Carousel residents work as “partners” with their roommate and a Carousel mentor. Partners review a specific agenda for checking in together.  The agenda might include checking in on room tidiness. Each resident has a photograph of their tidy room to help them visualize this process. Partners use their “detective” skills to see if their room looks like the photo.  If so, great! If not, a partner may circle the area that needs to be tidied to provide a visual support. Other daily agenda items include: laundry status (planning ahead for when laundry needs to take place), hygiene check (partners have a daily topic to engage in together — brushing teeth for two minutes, combing hair, and other self care skills), completing any items on the “To Do” list (a wipe-off board that lists specific goals or tasks), as well as other as needed tasks.  Of course, we use this time to build conversation skills and reciprocity between two friends and share about our day, our hobbies, travel experiences, family, etc.

This week, our partners also practiced how to communicate home in a positive manner.  How often should we text or call family?  When are good times to do so?  What are the “three good things” that we can share that happened in our day? What questions can we ask our family members to show our interest in their day? What is the best method of communication for us (text, Facetime, email, phone call, letters)?  We are looking forward to using our technology as a tool and sharing with you soon!