Carousel Connections Consulting

Carousel Connections offers a diagnostic assessment of each participant’s individual needs during their stay in the apartment setting, while on the job, and when engaging in the social community.  Our staff is able to assess levels of functioning outside of the home, school, and current work setting.  This diagnostic approach provides helpful information to frame strategies and a transition plan.

After an individual returns home from our summer program, Carousel Connections offers private consultation services to guide families as they explore options and opportunities for their teenager/young adult, assess “best fit” living and job opportunities, and develop individualized home programs to foster as much independence as possible.  Expertise is available to establish effective and positive routines at home.  Resources related to funding opportunities and other transition-related experiences are also available.  Participants’ goals and preferences help to mold a plan for success. 

Self-advocacy is a key to independence!  During the consultation process, we work with individuals to provide language to use when in need of help, how to express ideas and desires for the “next step,” and how to dispay talents.

Consultation may consist of phone and email communication, home visits, and “on-the-site” training to establish a framework for success.  Services are available for an hourly fee or as part of a comprehensive program. 

Building Independence in the Home, on the Job, and on the Go!
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