Program Overview

Using creative and positive techniques, Carousel Connections offers varied opportunities for individuals to learn. Our young people undergo vocational training and learn essential self care, communication, and community living skills while enrolled in the program. Using a functional curriculum, the program teaches skills that are immediately applicable to diverse life settings.

 Program goals include:

  • Opportunities that provide life skills training to further support independence and build self confidence,
  • Opportunities that provide vocational training experiences that may be used in employment,
  • Authentic and inclusive living/learning experiences and activities,
  • Coordination with families and individuals during the “transition” process that connects individuals to community resources,
  • An experience with community living on a college campus.

Individuals are immersed in a functional living and learning environment. In addition to apartment living experiences and “on-the-job training,”, participants are given the opportunity to “cycle” through direct learning experiences for a select period of time each day. Peers are partnered and work with a coach for four cycles: Class, Leisure, Exercise, and Errands.  The program provides training and teaching of competencies in an engaging manner using formatted role plays, modeling, community experiences/outings, and direct teaching/discussion. 

The setting that Carousel Connections offers is unique -- living in a college campus apartment surrounding by an engaging peer group and supportive staff who are able to demonstrate modeling of independence in a different capacity than the home environment.  When one family was asked about the experiences of having their child live outside of the home, they responded, "You think your child can't, but they can!  We found giving up control to be the most difficult, but once you do, you learn how much more they can do."  

Carousel Connections offers opportunities that build confidence for both participants and their families.

"Perhaps the greatest impact of the program is on the self confidence that was developed and the pride that she clearly feels at having succeeded in so many wonderful ways!" -- Mother of Carousel Connections' participant

Individuals who attend Carousel Connections include those with mild intellectual disabilities, Asperger's Syndrome or high-functioning Autism, social oriented needs, or those who may not have a formal diagnosis but are seeking training to be able to live, work, and participate in the community with greater independence.  Please inquire to find out if we are a good "match." 

Building Independence in the Home, on the Job, and on the Go!
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