Social Development

At Carousel Connections, individuals are supported in developing the “social roles” of a community using our functional curriculum. These roles create:  an individual who is able to live in a collaborative setting (such as in a family house or an apartment with roommates) and contribute to household chores, a worker who is able to follow through on tasks and directions from others, a community member who is able to engage in cultural and daily living activities (such as buying food at the grocery store, attending local events, eating in restaurants, etc.), an individual who is able to teach and learn from peers,a friend who can engage in conversation/interact in a kind manner, and be leader who is a competent participant in recreational/social activities with peers.

Social skills are consistently addressed throughout the curriculum.  Our social focus is on further developing the social skills of "reciprocity"  that involve active listening, initiating and beng part of conversation, and developing pragmatic language/interaction.

We encourage and nurture peer interactions by offering opportunities to engage as partners, in a small group, and during certain activities, with the full group of participants.

Group planning meetings are held twice per week. These meetings involve participants "thinking ahead" and planning activities/trips that are engaging.  Participants are empowered to take an active role while sharing preferences and organizing events.  During each meeting, participants record the weekly events on their calendar (either on an ipad/other technological device or written calendar), as well as any reminders that are necessary in preparation of the activities. 

Weekends are spent planning menus and shopping, performing household chores, and having adventures in the beautiful city. Participants gain experience using the public transportation system while exploring Philadelphia. Weekend trips may include a trip to see Philadelphia historical sights, a baseball game, the movie theater, music venues, eating in local restaurants and the Suburban Square or Reading Terminal Market, shopping, sports in the park, hiking and boating in a beautiful park, visiting a museum, etc.

Communication skills that involve conversation by phone are also practiced and modeled.  We feel that it is important to offer resources (technology) that will be used in future living situations for both check-in/social purposes with family and peers,  and also in the case that help is needed.  Participants are encouraged to share with families and friends about the busy day and anticipated activities. 

"For Alex, a huge step was just calling home every night on her cell phone.  She had not previously used her phone much, and of course for us, it was terrific to speak to her.  She became much more accomplished in these conversations as the days went by."

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