After lots of planning and dreaming by owners/directors Amy and Chris McCann, Carousel Connections launched in 2012 . Amy and Chris both grew up within families of educators. In both families, conversation often revolved around curriculum, new political agendas, brainstorming best practices, and shared stories. These childhood experiences led them both to become teachers.

Amy's parents, Linda and Mario LaGrotte, are also dreamers. Thirty-two years ago, they purchased a five-acre farm in Bucks County, and Carousel Farm was created. They were eager to provide social experiences for children and teenagers with special needs. They devised a program for the summer season that included swimming, equestrian therapy, working with farm animals, sports activities, art, music, and dance. Amy grew up on this farm and very quickly joined the “staff”as a junior counselor at the age of five. Immersed in the program, as she grew, so did her role.  As the Director for 12 years, Amy trained and mentored staff; further developed the summer curriculum; was involved in the planning and every-day activities during the summer season; and, grew very close to Carousel Farm families.

Along the way, Amy and Chris met at Haverford College. Idealistic in their thinking, they were a perfect match! Chris quickly became involved in planning and working at Carousel Farm, first as a swim instructor and pool director, and eventually as co-director of the program. They also joined efforts in organizing recreational trips to the Pocono Mountains for teenagers and young adults with special needs. After working in the School District of Philadelphia, Amy joined the faculty at Friends Select School. She holds a Masters of Education and enjoys her role during the school year as the Lower School Learning Specialist.  Chris, always passionate about science and math, teaches middle school students at Friends School Haverford. Chris and Amy are both avid readers and keep current in their fields, as well as special education.

Conversations with families and district special education supervisors have focused on the challenges of “transition.” Together, Chris and Amy began to think about how to provide continued support to Carousel Farm summer families, as well as families in their recreational school-year adventures. The need for “next steps” as children become adults, developed into the creation of Carousel Connections.

Support Staff

Carousel Connections support staff are Haverford College students enrolled in an education, psychology, or therapy-based program or special education teachers. All staff undergo training with regard to sensory integration, support and accommodation for unique needs, and positive behavior management. Our staff is quite wonderful!

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