Vocational Training

Week days, participants hold “community” campus jobs such as working in the dining hall, performing landscaping/Arboretum work, and functioning as cleaning staff, mail room assistants, or book store support staff on the campus of Haverford College. Trained staff act as “job coaches” and positive role models during this work day. 

Employment preparation objectives include: the ability to ask/answer questions using appropriate language, complete tasks using verbal and visual prompts or a check-list format, identify the appropriate person to ask for assistance with a work task and request support when necessary, manage time and materials needed for a task, fill out appropriate applications and work related forms, adhere to a daily schedule/calendar, and to develop the “soft skills” of employment.

Vocational training is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. Job placements are made according to work history, job interest/talents, and capabilities. For those individuals who have not participated in previous vocational training, opportunities are offered to engage in career exploration. Job coaches work closely and collaborate with campus departments to ensure success for each participant.  These experiences are transferable to future potential jobs. 

Social skills, executive functioning skills, self-advocacy, and self-determination are all critical in the work arena. Carousel Connections staff model good “practices” and mentor individuals using a positive approach to learning. Job coaches assist individuals during the work day and offer strategies (previewing, checklists, “friendly reminders,” etc.) to ensure success.


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