Created in 2012, Carousel Connections continues to grow into a community of support that walks alongside families as they journey across stages of development. Innovative programming to build community capacity is always in the works!

Our Participants

At Carousel Connections, individuals are supported in developing the social roles of a community. These roles create an individual who is able to live in a collaborative setting (such as in a family house or an apartment with roommates) and contribute to household chores, a job seeker who is able to follow through on tasks and directions from others, a community member who is able to engage in cultural and daily living activities (such as buying food at the grocery store, attending local events, eating in restaurants, etc.), a friend who can share with peers while engaging in conversation and interactions with reciprocity, and an advocate who is an agent of change in their community.


Individuals who attend Carousel Connections include those with mild intellectual disabilities, Asperger’s Syndrome or high-functioning Autism, social oriented needs, or those without a formal diagnosis and are seeking training to be able to live, work, and participate in the community with greater independence. Please inquire to find out if we are a good “match.”

Program Directors

As the children of educators, Amy and Chris McCann have been thinking about how people best learn, share their contributions, and grow through each developmental stage. Most importantly, they believe that this growth is a lifelong journey for all of us. Their experiences, from Early Childhood education to Independent Living Training for young adults, have taught them that every individual brings unique strengths, and that those strengths can be brought to the fore for the benefit of our diverse community.

*Photo by Brad Larisson

Carousel Mentors

Staff at Carousel Connections are partners, coaches, and mentors. We refrain from using titles such as supervisor, teacher, or counselor as we aim to build independence and self-advocacy. All mentors undergo training with regard to sensory integration, support and accommodation for unique needs, and positive behavior management. Our staff is quite wonderful!