Carousel Connections offers opportunities that build confidence for both participants and their families.

Program Goals

At Carousel Connections, we build community. The definition of community includes a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. During one planning meeting at Carousel Connections, a participant enthusiastically shared, “I think community is like having a family – just like what we are here!” Community is built within our “summer home,” the campus of Haverford College, local neighborhoods, and Philadelphia. It begins with each Carousel participant sharing their voice, preferences, and talents with mates and peer mentors who empower independence.

See Us In Action!

  • Enjoying a tasty treat in Jim Thorpe : )
  • Gardening at Haverford College
  • Gently 'cross the lake!
  • Yo! We love being so close to Philly!
  • Our hard work is its own reward, but some lucky customers reaped the benefits, too!
  • The popular Friday Flower Sale is one of our small businesses.
  • Great teamwork!
  • Can't have wonderful events without wonderful volunteers!